Memory disorders 记忆障碍

Acrophobia 畏高症

Psychomania 精神狂躁症

Autistic disorder 自闭症

Gamophobia 婚姻恐惧症

Gynophobia 裸体恐惧症

Schizophrenia 精神分裂

Substance dependence 物质依赖

Kinesis 晕动病

Socialphobia 社交恐惧症

Claustrophobia 幽闭空间恐惧症

Premenstrual syndrome 经前综合症

Depression 抑郁症

Pathological nostalgic psychology 病态怀旧心理

Trypophobia 密集恐惧症




Repellency is a series of food images which is redefined as 15 common mental illness symptoms. The project shows the highly contract between perfect food photography and psychological diseases. Most of us more or less has some mental illnesses through the whole life. Some of them from the original family, some of them maybe from some accidents… Even so, we all need to face ourselves frankly and positively. Like these perfected looking food images. They are colorful and full of vitality. As one of the artists who use photography in visual art, I prefer use some beautiful images represent this unperfected world. I think it transmits the way I am looking at my project.

2017 Wild Island – Joy city – Shanghai, China