Elysy is the pseudonym of Lei Minyi, a Chinese visual artist and photographer who embarked on her professional career in 2015, through major assignments for Getty Images China. She is currently a photojournalism contributing to National Geographic Traveler China. 

Born in a literary family, Elysy was encouraged by her mother to study art at a very young age. She started her studies in calligraphy and traditional Chinese painting when she was five years old, and received many national awards for her merits. Later she became fascinated by line drawing and color as seen in Western painting. Elysy used to sketch outdoors during long winter hours. It was her mother again who gave her as a gift her first digital point-and-shoot camera. She then turned to photography as a means of recording her life and of keeping her memories alive. Photography also allowed her to channel her thoughts and creativity.

When she was at the fifth grade of primary school, Elysy won the first prize of Olympic mathematics competition in China. Her innate passion for mathematics prompted her to enter the financial industry after graduating from college in 2009. However, after spending some years in the bank industry, she discovered that financial work lacked the creativity she was seeking. She decided to quit and fully dedicate herself to her real vocation: photography.  

Deeply influenced by surrealist painter Salvador Dali, in 2016 she pursued a further education in photography. She now holds her MA degree in Photography and Design by ELISAVA Barcelona School of Design and Engineering.

Elysy is a born traveler. She has been to more than thirty countries around the world. Her travel photography has been featured on Ctrip, the largest Chinese travel website. Her fine art photography has been exhibited various times in Barcelona, and her commercial work is sought by a number of clients, such as Getty Images, Cartier, GroupM, ELLE, and Bosch.