Intimate Relationship with Allergy

The original idea started from intimate relationships. I was thinking about the two aspects of it. One is addition, and another is obstacle. In the meanwhile, I’m doing the allergic test which I did over the past few years, reminding me that I am a hypersensitive physique person who living with allergies for a long time.

It’s like an intimate relationship with yourself in the most of life time. Allergies came into my life with addition and obstacle, which I can’t fully get rid of it. Most of the time, it gives me some bad feelings like itching, hurting or bleeding. So I try to live with it combing with struggle and compromise.

I do allergic test every year. Every time when I did the test, I was thinking about it seems like an ’Intimate relationship health check’. No relationship is perfect, ever. We either face it or hide it. It’s an intimate relationship with yourself which most of the time you are living with.


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