Borderless Exhibitions

“Borderless exhibitions” is a series of portraits that is remade and redefined through bring them into different countries and environments. The project shows a really borderless imagination. I am a Chinese female photographer, who made portraits for people from different nationalities in Spain. By representing these posters in various way they get transformed into meaningful objects.


“Peace in chaos”

La Rambla, Barcelona, Spain

peace in chaos

“Hot in cold”

St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague, Czech

0V9A0952 Edit

“Smoke without gunpowder”

Berlin wall, Berlin, Germany



“Formal in front of foam”

Foam, Amsterdam, Netherland



“Australian in Austria”

Schönbrunn, Vienna, Austria



“Black and white in colourful world”

Stadion, Stockholm, Sweden



“Eve in cave”

Gutman’s Cave, Sigulda, Latvia



“To be continued”


This is a long term project which I started from the end of last year. I still continue doing it. Not sure when will be the end.

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