Calligraphy has been used in painting since ancient times. Known as the “Zenith of Cursive Script” in Chinese calligraphy, the preface of Orchid Pavilion Collection captured the joyous moon and the beauty of a military and civilian gathering in Orchid Pavilion. Likewise, in “Elsewhere” I employ writing in form of painting to construct a wonderland located in the West and with a Chinese woman as its protagonist. I allow her to perform like running water amidst this wonder-scenery wherein oriental and western culture converge in a natural way.



The Memory of Gòtic

“The memory of Gòtic” is a series of blurred city images made on purpose by using magnifying glass set in front of the DSLR camera. Various pieces of souvenir are photographed with setting Barcelona’s most famous district, Barri Gòtic. This area has a particular relevance to me. It is where I live. My memory of it is marked by sunshine and the view of the magnifying glass.


Big Square

Borderless exhibitions

“Borderless exhibitions” is a series of portraits that is remade and redefined through their shifting into different countries and environments. The project advocates an imagination borderless at heart. By displaying these portraits in various ways and in different contexts, I transform them into meaningful objects.

“Peace in chaos”

La Rambla, Barcelona, Spain

peace in chaos

“Hot in cold”

St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague, Czech

0V9A0952 Edit

“Smoke without gunpowder”

Berlin wall, Berlin, Germany


“Formal in front of foam”

Foam, Amsterdam, Netherland


“Australian in Austria”

Schönbrunn, Vienna, Austria


“Black and white in colourful world”

Stadion, Stockholm, Sweden


“Eve in cave”

Gutman’s Cave, Sigulda, Latvia


“To be continued”


This is a long term project which I started from the end of last year. I still continue doing it. Not sure when will be the end.


“Repellency” is a series of food images that represent the fifteen most common mental illness symptoms. The project shows the highly contract between the immaculate aesthetics of food photography and psychological diseases.

Most of us suffer a mental illness throughout our whole life. Some of them derive from our family background, others are caused by traumatic external factors, such accidents… Regardless of this, we all need to face ourselves in a frank and positive way. Just like these colorful and full of vitality food images.

  • Substance dependence 物质依赖

Substance dependence

  • Psychomania 精神狂躁症


  • Premenstrual syndrome 经前综合症

Premenstrual syndrome

  • Autistic disorder 自闭症

Autistic disorder

  • Gamophobia 婚姻恐惧症


  • Kinesia 晕动病


  • Gynophobia 裸体恐惧症


  • Acrophobia 畏高症


  • Memory disorders 记忆障碍

Memory disorders

  • Schizophrenia 精神分裂


  • Socialphobia  社交恐惧症


  • Pathological nostalgic psychology  病态怀旧心理

Pathological nostalgic psychology

  • Trypophobia 密集恐惧症


  • Depression 抑郁症